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About Us

MergeCon Holdings was created to be the development company for the 21st century. Technology changes around us rapidly and it's very difficult to keep up. Here at MergeCon Holdings, our job is to keep up and provide the customer with technology and software solutions using the latest and best technology so you can keep one step ahead of the competition. With MergeCon Holdings, you'll always stand out from the competition.

MergeCon Holdings will not accept any outside project jobs at this time. All of our time and resources are currently dedicated to the Stadium Scene project. Check back again for updates! Or check us out on Twitter @MergeCon or Facebook!

Our Divisions

Stadium Scene is MergeCon Holdings flagship project. Stadium Scene was created as a way to make your trip to the stadium an entire weekend experience! Stadium Scene will help you book and select all aspects of the trip!

Stadium is the media division of Check out the unique sports, food, bar, and travel coverage through a variety of methods like video shorts, podcast, and blog entries. New content is published almost daily, so be sure to keep Stadium into your daily site visits!

Golden Barrel Marketing is the Marketing Division of MergeCon Holdings. Not only are they responsible for the marketing of Stadium Scene and, but they handle independent projects such as real estate marketing and social media management.

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